Opcije pristupačnosti Pristupačnost

Integrated undergraduate and graduate university Teacher Study programme

Integrated undergraduate and graduate university teacher study is organised as a full time study supported by the Ministry of Science and Education. Courses can be taken in both the Croatian and Italian languages.

Enrolment conditions

The study programme may be entered by applicants who have completed a four-year secondary school and who possess the health capability to perform activities linked to education. The choice of applicants is done based on their school achievement. Secondary school achievement is valued by the general success in each of the secondary school grades and the success at the completion test, i.e. the final exams for the subjects: Croatian language at the higher level, (the first) Foreign language and Mathematics at the basic level. 

Duration of the study

The Integrated undergraduate and graduate university teacher study lasts five years (ten semesters) and after its completion the students obtain 300 ECTS credits.

The specialist or academic title or the level acquired after the completion of the study

After the completion of the integrated university teacher study the title of master of primary education (mag.prim.educ.) is acquired.