Opcije pristupačnosti Pristupačnost

Learning outcomes of the programme

LO 1. Analyse scientific facts in the area of educational research

1.1. create and critically evaluate new scientific facts and knowledge in the area of educational research
1.2. analyse, interpret, critically deliberate about new research problems in the area of educational sciences.

LO 2. Create correlations between areas and fields of science

2.1. creatively integrate knowledge from more areas and fields of science and critically evaluate the application of this knowledge in the educational practice
2.2. integrate knowledge from more areas and fields with the purpose of development and life-long learning of active participants in education.

LO 3. Do research in the area of education and interpret data in scientific papers

3.1. do scientific research to move the boundaries of existing knowledge in a given area and contribute to the creation of new knowledge and models of management in education
3.2. do individual research and consistently develop their own, professional and ethical identity
3.3. assume ethical and social responsibility for the conduction of the research success in the area of education
3.4. assume moral responsibility for the social usefulness of their own educational research results and possible social consequences
3.5. develop new ideas and processes, as well as the responsibility for the research conduction success, the social usefulness of its results, as well as the awareness of possible negative consequences
3.6. write scientific papers according to scientific and professional standards.

LO 4. Achieve communication and efficiency in the scientific-research and educational work

4.1. design and promote new communicational and cooperation models with various educational stakeholders
4.2. correlate scientific-research and educational (teaching) strategies
4.3. evaluate and improve the educational process with EU regulations
4.4. analyse, eveluate and create new methods and instruments, as well as new ways of communication with persons with different needs.

LO 5. Achieve advancement of educational curricula

5.1. create and evaluate certain eduactional sectors' developmental strategies
5.2. designate new educational strategies for certain levels of education
5.3. advance and evaluate eduactional curricula and technologies
5.4. evaluate educational policies and create new ones
5.5. analyse and evaluate the educational management
5.6. scientifically evaluate the contemporary process of managing the educational system