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Ivana Bančić Čupić, prof.

Title: Teaching assistant

kabinet 23 A

Thursdays, 12,10 pm - 1 pm

Published papers recorded in the Croatian Scientific Bibliography Database (CROSBI)

  Editor's books

1. Language, Arts and Tradition in Citizenship Education / Gortan-Carlin, Ivana Paula; Bančić Čupić, Ivana, editor(s).
Pula : Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli: Fakultet za odgojne i obrazovne znanosti, 2016 (monograph).
  Book chapters

1. Bančić, Ivana.
The Evolution of the Hipster: From Broyard’s Hipster and the Beats to the 21st Century // Urban Assemblage / Fourie, William, editor(s).
Oxford, United Kingdom : Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2016.. Str. 97-107.
  Textbooks and scripts

1. Dujmović, Mauro; Bančić, Ivana.
A Handbook in Children's Literature .
Pula : Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli, 2014..
  Scientific papers in other journals

1. Bančić, Ivana.
Rethinking the Notion of National Identity in the Novel The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo. // SIC - časopis za književnost, kulturu i književno prevođenje. 8 (2014) ; (journal article).

2. Dujmović, Mauro; Bančić, Ivana.
Computer-Aided Storytelling in the EFL Classroom. // Global Journal of Human-Social Science: G, Linguistics & Education. 14 (2014) , 5; 15-20 (journal article).
  Scientific conference papers with international peer-review

1. Bančić, Ivana.
The Experience of Exile and Cultural Adaptation in Yezierska's Bread Givers // Litcri '15 / Bariş Öztürk, editor(s).
Istanbul, Turska : Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center, 2015. 24-36 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).