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Studenti Erasmus+ programa na FOOZ-u

Na Učiteljskom studiju u zimskom semestru 2021./2022. akademske godine sudjeluje troje studenata iz Španjolske, Fabian, Esther i Cristina, koji su u Pulu pristigli putem Erasmus + programa međunarodne mobilnosti. Njihova iskustva na nastavi i u našem gradu su pozitivna. 

“We are from Sevilla and Lleida, two beautiful cities in the South and North of Spain. Firstly, we study at the Faculty of Education because we want to become teachers. We love children and we also want to expand our knowledge of methodology. That is the reason we chose Pula. We liked the study plan and also the city. The landscape and the monuments are amazing. Secondly, all of us want to live the Erasmus experience. Living in a foreign country far away from your family sounds a bit scary but we are sure that this episode will be one of the best moments of our lives. To sum up, doing the Erasmus you meet a lot of people, travel to different countries, get to know other cultures and manage some situations by yourself.

We recommend you to live the Erasmus experience. We think everybody should do it once in a lifetime.”


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