Erasmus + DYNAMIC  partners meeting was held at the end of September in Pula, hosted by Juraj Dobrila University in Pula. Partners from RED FORK company visited University.

RED FORK is a company for research & development in biotechnology. It was founded in 2016 and it represents a unique blend of expert knowledge in the area of biotechnology, nutrition, business and additive technology as well as IT science. Branimir Spajić is the CEO and Diana Gluhak Spajić is the procurator of the company.

Within DYNAMIC project students from Department of Technical Studies – Juraj Vivoda and Ante Bačić are on the stduents placement, working on project assignments. Student Ante Bačić participates in the placement involving modeling of devices for  receiving, mixing and dosing food supplements, while student Juraj Vivoda is involved in project regarding tank for organic matter. Students are mentored, along with the experts from RED FORK by Assoc. Prof. Sven Maričić and Ivan Veljović, mag. ing. mech.

Two-day visit started with meeting at the Rectorate of the University Board, DYNAMIC UNIPU team and partners from RED FORK. Vice - Rector for Cooperation, Innovation and Technology Transfer Valter Boljunčić presented short history of the university and future strategic orientation. This was an opportunity to discuss current and future potential collaboration between the two partners. Future activities were planned, as well as implementation and monitoring in the context of current epidemiological situation and specific virtual working environment.

Next day was reserved for presentation of students' work. Invested effort, commitment, discipline and responsibility, and above all talent and demonstrated motivation of students delighted the partners from RED FORK. The multi-month collaboration was described by RED FORK partners as a great experience and an example of what dual education should look like in practice.

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